Knowledge and wisdom to live by

(a spiritual technology toolkit)

“Remember that despite appearances, life is impermanent; here today gone tomorrow. All dreams and ideas arise from a primal source often described as the Great Mother or ocean of possibilities, and it is here that our creations will return eventually to fulfill their destiny.”

In the world…but not of it…

“But change can’t be as easy as merely sweeping your hand through the old and creating something new.”?

We are first and foremost creators and transformers of reality. The earth and its inhabitants are presently engaged in a powerful time of transformation when the old is giving way to the new.

According to the Maya, the 1980s saw the beginning of an extraordinary thirty six year journey for the earth and its inhabitants, which reaches its conclusions just before 2020. For the first time in twenty six thousand years, the sun is most closely aligned with what is known as the Great Cleft, the Dark Rift or the Black Road of the Milky Way. This road leads directly to the Galactic Center, or heart of the Great Mother and it is through this portal that we will gain access to the eternal source of all existence, the mother herself.

We are uniquely positioned here on the earth to travel this road metaphorically and enter the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Here, we will experience the fullness of our potentiality, the unlimited realm of possibilities, and come to know the true meaning of immortality.
…After a period of time that some will perceive as chaos and others a blissful opportunity, we will leave the Great Mother via a white hole and give birth to dreams and visions, which will become the reality for the many generations that follow.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

In this period of amazing transition, each of us have within our DNA the necessary coding of our very careful navigation through this transformation. In this time between the worlds….the past having reached conclusion and the future still to be born…time collapses, space expands into infinity and the veils between the dimensions drop.

What is the spiritual technology that allows us to walk between the worlds????

What gives us the ability to move with ease and grace through the worlds of essence and form with focused attention. The energy required to build the magician’s wand is available in this season….26,000 years since the same energy was available.

What will you build and what will we build together?

The real work begins and ends really with the purification of our thoughts.

Sorting out from life’s distractions, texts, e-mails and self inflicted worry?

In this period of spiritual discipline we find wisdom in many Divine conversations. Our thoughts move in alignment to the center or continue investigating the truth of every move we make….based on a thought.

We have come to enjoy a beautiful morning communion in spiritual conversation with Destiny, Olorun, the Sun….solar energy, the first force…

Ra around which all planets in this galaxy revolve.

As of this writing the dance of Oya with Capricorn’s mountain goat has left many still in a twirl, we /some remain in search mode of how to expand Love, energy and the positive forward mobility of families and communities…Desperation is reshaping the hearts of the fearful. Are those left in tragedy or disaster’s wake…prepared on any level…secure the greenhouses and build earthships…again….the Earth is where we have begun to Grow Power.

In the mornings we are thankful to bless our higher/heavenly head, ipon ri and our earthly head…Ori…we are humble to walk the light and the dark of Ofun di. Ire ona, the road that unfolds in our day, ire ori, blessings on the head, mind, consciousness that we perceive victory over doubt….and so on…

If we know to bless others, what does it look like to really bless ourselves, our families, homes, gardens, intentions and the prosperity of our livelihood…It’s another path to CHOOSE ….rather than glide on the fear based…”woe are we” conversations…Why and how do we remain ever faithful to “rescue/fix” the pain of others.

Tools for Spiritual Technology

WE can review how they work…sitting at the edge of day in a sunset…add the majesty of a beach or mountain forest…for Earth….days/daze that you never hear the sound of any voice including your own.

These are powerful tools for personal transformation…these are the places where racism is dismantled…as we Re-Member…put the members of our whole selves…back together again…on the journeys where resurrected healers restore the well through art, stones, rivers, farms, gardens…Through countless, Invisible acts of Power…truly becoming a channel for Grace. We bless our feet…the roads we walk …our hands and all that is created from them, we are grateful that money is our friend that we visit with well .

When the God power within has “bless and aligned” our being, we decidedly remove the boulders and obstacles that life might toss our way.

In the Kosi, we should speak into our protection and the light of Love surrounding all our Relations…

May there be no death, harm to anyone suddenly or mistakably

May there be no sickness, losses, bad heads, police, fights and arguments

Thankful for Peace, Patience, Strength, wisdom, health!

Exercise: In each of the four directions…what is your daily connection between the forces of Nature, Divine Essence and the map of Life guiding you today!

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit!

As we have consumed far more than we need, we must now bring to balance all things in the good place of Kindness , a fair exchange, an invisible act of power…to the Earth, ourselves and each other.

When is the last time you prayed with deep intention? Has that prayer been answered? Was the pray larger than you?

What have you learned about answered prayer?….in Tending our spiritual gardens we must always have in view the infinite possibilities of beauty and truth….These are frontrunners in the world we wish our grandchildren to inherit.

What page of family legacy are we writing today?….What are we the keepers of in this throw away society?

Food for thought and each question brings us to the polarity of expansion or restriction…grow or stagnate…is the glass half empty or half full?

The time is now to KNOW…even if you can’t explain to another soul…know what You really need to know to navigate with confidence, removing fear from the path ahead.

We are indeed in the preparation of tool kits and medicine bags , survival kits, truth for armour and conviction…an igi iku, sacred staff.

More than six billion people inhabit our planet and Starhawk’s 5th Sacred Thing….keeps the people’s covenant…

“May we never hunger, May we never thirst…”

Audio books are great tools for those driving or creating art with time and space to listen to a story being told by a fairly good or even great storyteller, griot!
The 5th Sacred Thing, Truth or Dare, Spiral Dance…and so much more, author Starhawk
James Redfield, Celestine Prophesy, 10th Insight, Secret of Shamballa!
Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect, below zero?
Jose Arguelles, The Mayan Factor
All works by Iyanla Vanzant, Carolyn Myss
Dwayne Dyer,
Erkhart Tolle
The Mountain Astrologer, Kindred, Shamballa magazines found in most Good Foods stores and Barnes and Noble or on line.

Bottom line we are in a powerful turn, pivot…curve…round the corner if words like transformation or evolution are too big….

There are spoken artists with bands and amazing lyrics about food sovereignty , dismantling racism and other social justice consciousness raising!

How did we become so good at “ignoring Light for convenience while courageously doing battle with the dark side of society…? Humanity…?

Creating, Recognizing and strengthening our personal tools of power…in Christian terms the whole armour of God,…get and give massages… learn chakra balancing…qi gong…arts that balance you in the earth and how and with whom you walk it.

Every good blessing bears witness in the Earth…and everyone here planting KNOWS…much more shaking a little dirt from their hands than not…

Having passed over from what we think/ego…

To what we believe, our soul’s ordination to arrive at the place of Knowing…balanced with Mystery. A shaman once said that to me “when you stand up from this bed of paralysis …this dark night of the soul, you will have crossed over from what you believe to what you know …”

And lying still in the midst, mists…we could only believe that we would walk again…we did not yet Know It.

These are the spiritual tools we are developing for ourselves…

and far too many around us that food security and social justice issues affect their daily Quality of Life?

We have shared and hold sacred… 2 books more than the Books a Million we love,
The Prophet Kahil Gibran
13 Original Clan Mothers, Jamie Sams

For more works from Spiritspeaks publications…handbooks, song books from Rites of Passage retreats, wisdom councils, camp champion.
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