Working Press Credentials

Working press credentials for members of the media covering the 2015 GFJI Gathering are complimentary. Press representatives  will be provided with complimentary press passes (limit of two press representatives per media outlet, unless otherwise approved). Eligibility is subject to approval by Conference Organizers. Obtaining press credentials is an opportunity to meet and interact  with the nation’s most well known food-system experts.

To request media credentials

  • Freelance writers and photographers must submit a letter from the news organization they are representing on that company’s letterhead and signed by the editor.
  • Online reporters must provide:
    •  A copy of your business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s logo.
    • A copy of your online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity, including a by-lined article from your publication.
  • Bloggers must submit  traffic data in order to be considered. While the decision to grant access is not based solely on traffic/subscriber data, we do ask for transparency in order for us to make a fair and timely decision on an application.
  • Film crews requesting permission to film at the Conference must register prior to the conference . On-site registration will not be available.
    • Production companies must submit a letter from the programming office of a recognized network or station expressly stating that the production company is at the conference to film for a specific program. The letter must be written on company letterhead, include air date, contact information, and be signed by the director of programming. All letters will be verified with the network or station.
  • Email media request and additional information required to
  • Following the Conference, please forward a link to your article, post, podcast, video, photos, blog, or other coverage to

Please review the following before registering for media credentials.

We encourage you to register prior to the Conference. Pre-registration must be completed by October 20, 2014. If you wish to register for credentials after this date, please check in at the Media Registration Area at the Exposition Center, providing a business card, photo ID, and other requested info (see above) to obtain credentials.

Online Media

For the 2014 National – International Urban & Small Farm Conference, online media is defined as journalists with commercial news Web sites. Sites must be previously established and updated regularly with original and current news.

  • The Web site must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week.
  • Web site content must extend beyond newsletters, links, forums, personal diaries, opinion or personal analysis.

Guidelines for Granting Press Credentials to Bloggers

The National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference is committed to working with the emerging class of independent reporters and columnists who reach their audiences via blogs, podcasts, video blogs and other online media. Below is a short list of guidelines that we will use to determine whether to issue complimentary press credentials to independent online media representatives for the 2012 National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference.

  • Conference Organizers prefer to work with online media outlets that have an established track record covering our issues. We would like to work with outlets that have been in continuous operation for at least six month

Production Company/Videography Crew Registration

Conference Organizers require all film crews requesting permission to film at the Conference to register in advance as either a production company or a videography crew. If you are registering as a production company or videography crew, please register for media credentials. Conference Organizers will contact you regarding your request.

  • A production company is a crew that is taping for a show that is in current production and booked to air on a recognized network or station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may receive complimentary press credentials?  

Complimentary press credentials are issued only to reporters, editors, freelance writers and photographers working for specific publications and covering a beat that is relevant to the issues of  agriculture and local food.  In addition, complimentary credentials will be issued to approved online media outlets and bloggers.

How will I know if my complimentary press registration is approved?    

You will be notified if your request for complimentary press credentials is approved or denied, or if additional information is needed to confirm your status.

How do I pick up my press credentials?    

All accredited media must register at Media Registration Area at the Exposition Center, which is where you can pick up your press credentials. Please plan to provide a business card and show photo ID.