2011 Gathering Toolkit

GFJI Gathering participatory sessions take a step away from traditional presentations in order to pursue group learning, and equipping ourselves with the skills it takes to facilitate our own personal development and the empowerment of our organizations and communities. The GFJI Gathering Workshop Presenters were asked to contribute to a toolkit with information, ideas and resources that can be used to begin change. This will allow all of us to benefit from the collective wisdom!

Workshop Sessions with Presenter Resources

Friday September 9th 2011
Workshop Session #1

White Allies Working to Dismantle Racism
Presenter: Nicole Wires

Reconnecting with Mother Nature: Tools to Regain Sense of Humanity
Presenters: Jim Embry, Obiora Embry & April Taylor

Building Capacity & Power: A Dialogue for Food System Trainers
Presenters: Jeanette Abi-Nader & Gita Gulati-Partee

Engaging New & Existing Audiences through Social Media
Presenters: Melissa Danielle & Nicole A. Taylor

Partners in Crime: Unhealthy Connections between Food and Mood, Food Systems and Mental Health Care Systems
Presenter: Emma Heath-Engel

Saturday September 10th 2011
Workshop Session #2

Queering the Farm: Heteronormativity and Food Justice
Presenters: Erica Hougland, Joanna Schuman & Page May

Workshop Session #3

Food Justice in the Classroom: Pragmatics and Possibilities
Presenter: Alfonso Morales

Building Power through Coalitions and Partnerships: The Pathway to Successful Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change
Presenters: Migdalia Loyala, Mustufa Sundiata, & Margueite Zauner

Land, Story, and Resistance

Presenter: Chris Bolden-Newsome

Sunday, September 11th 2011
Workshop Session #4

Herb Justice: Tonic Herbs for those without health insurance

Presenters: Natasha and Ben Schwartz

Beesentation: What’s the Buzz, Lessons from the Bees
Presenter: CharBee Koenen