Prisons and Food Working Group


Initial Goals: 
We are interesting in conducting a shared analysis, thinking about how we want to frame the intersections between prisons and food. We need to formulate a theoretical framework for how and why the food movement has to incorporate these conversations about restorative justice and prisons. How can we be very targeted in understanding how food and prisons relate, and how these relationships are manifesting themselves in our communities.
We have worked on a one page document to better define the purpose and demands of our campaign to address the exploitation of prison labor, specifically targeting Whole Foods. Please review this document, as we hope to refine our commitment to this campaign and future directions for the members of the group. We will also work towards completing our campaign plan and timeline during the call.

We also began to draft a position paper, describing our perspective on the relationship between Food and Prisons. Feel free to review this document and add comments, as we hope to finalize this and establish clear objectives for the working group.
Join us on the first Tuesday every month at 2 pm (CT)/ 3 pm (ET). at 641-715-3818,
participant access code 531485. 
Upcoming Campaign Work:
We are considering an opportunity to form a coalition in reaction the the recent controversy with Whole Foods and prison labor.  Whole Foods was sourcing Tilapia and a few types of cheeses from a corrections industry company in Colorado that that use prisoners as a source of labor. There were accusations of exploitative labor practices, and we see the national attention to this issue as important in making ground in the fight for just labor practices in agriculture, as well as creating public consciousness around the problem of mass incarceration.
Resources about this issue and our theoretical framework can be found in our shared drive.