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Education Committee Working Group “Food and Prisons”: We are interesting in conducting a shared analysis, thinking about how we want to frame the intersections between prisons and food. We need to formulate a theoretical framework for how and why the food movement has to incorporate these conversations about restorative justice and prisons. How can we be very targeted in understanding how food and prisons relate, and how these relationships are manifesting themselves in our communities.
Contact: Dara Cooper and Carly Bertrand, gfji [at] growingfoodandjustice [dot] org

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Membership Outreach: Local Empowerment Groups (LEG)  ILFT and Gathering: Developing dismantling racism trainings at all levels, developing a training of trainers program so that the initiative has well qualified trainers in all geographical areas that might require them, etc.
Contact: Erika Allen, Utcha Sawyers and Gillian Knight, dismantlingracism [at] growingfoodandjustice [dot] org

Policy Initiatives Committee: The purpose of this group is to identify opportunities for GFJI and its individual members to advance racial justice through good food policies at the local, state and federal levels, and to coordinate and support those efforts. Our vision for the next 2-5 years is to provide critical race analysis and a general justice orientation to the food movement’s policy initiatives. The food movement in 2020 will have an embedded racial and economic justice lens in all of its work as a result of GFJI’s role in the movement.
Contact: Jose Oliva & Shavaun Evans, policy [at] growingfoodandjustice [dot] org

Communications: Web site, manage Facebook pages and listserv, revamp newsletter, and work closely with Education committee to have relevant and up-to-date materials available for the purpose of dismantling racism in a sustainable and socially just food system, etc.
Contact: Obiora Embry, communications [at] growingfoodandjustice [dot] org


Please be aware that these committees will give reports at EVERY Advisory Board telephone conference meeting, so that all can participate in informed decision making with regard to the initiative.