Local Empowerment Groups (LEGs)

What is a LEG (Local Empowerment Group)?

A LEG is a regional GFJI network chapter which will include GFJI members in your area. As a member you have an equal stake in your LEG’s success while making change in your community. Each LEG will be self directed and encouraged to choose a governing style that will work best for their  regions interests. LEGs create space for GFJI members to connect and develop strong local, national, and international communities that enable the exchange of ideas, strategies, continue anti racism training to specifically address how achieving food justice can lead to the end of systemic and institutional racism.

Membership LEG Info Sheet

Request For More Info on LEGs

Please let us know more about your interest in LEGs. We can connect you with an existing LEG or place you in contact with others that have expressed a similar interest.

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