Intensive Leadership and Facilitator Training (ILFT)

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Intensive Leadership and Facilitator Training (ILFT): A Dismantling Racism Through the Food System Training

Designed to build a community of leaders and provide intensive training and dialogue for participants to facilitate anti-racist food justice in their own programs and communities. We use the title Facilitator instead of Organizer very intentionally, and will discuss the long term development process that anti-racism work requires and the need for leadership development and empowerment. Another goal of ILFT is to build regional GFJI “network chapters” that we call a LEG (Local Empowerment Group). LEG’s create space for others who are dedicated to facilitating change to connect and develop a supportive local and national/international community to exchange ideas, strategies and continue training in anti-racism to specifically address how achieving food justice can lead to the end of systemic and institutional racism.

During our trainings we will explore:

  1. examples of institutional and structural racism and how it operates;
  2. practical applications of facilitating change and becoming a change agent, including some personal identification to understand the kind of facilitator you are
  3. opportunities to explore the individual role in the anti-racism process of your work with the opportunity to strategize with others to develop an action plan for next steps for implementation

If you are interested in hosting an ILFT training in your city email info [at] growingfoodandjustice [dot] org.

ILFT Participant Resources

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