2015-2020 GFJI Strategic Plan for review

GFJI members and supporters!

On behalf of the GFJI Advisory Board and the Strategic Plan Task Group, I share the attached 2015-2020 GFJI Strategic Plan for your review, comment, and evaluation. We give special thanks to the members of the Strategic Plan Task Group that guided this process from the beginning to its completion!!

Please take time to read and evaluate this document and send us your comments. For those GFJI members attending the Gathering next week, we have scheduled sessions on Friday and Sunday to get your input. During these sessions we will also describe the process used to create this document.

And we say “Thank You!” to all the GFJI members who provided input into the goals and objectives now in this Plan!

GFJI 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)

with lots of LOVE and hugs!!

Jim Embry
Advisory Board

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