Growing Food and Justice for All (GFJI): 2016 Gathering

7th Annual GFJI Gathering and Growing Power’s Urban and Small Farms Conference 2016
November 18-20, 2016
Milwaukee, WI

“Let’s Scale It Up! Growing Food and Farmers: Best Practices in Growing, Distribution and Community Building.”

Request for Proposals Now Available! Click here to apply today! RFP’s are due on June 1, 2016.

It is time for local farmers to scale up Good Food production and distribution to all communities. There has been a tremendous call for local, sustainable “Good Food.” Wholesalers and box grocery stores now want local food for distribution to their consumers. Close to 90% of people recently polled stated that they want locally grown food. We see more communities demanding access to farmer’s markets in their neighborhoods. Young people and families in all communities want Good Food.

We would like conference attendees to learn how they can grow food year-round, no matter what the climate, and how they can build markets for small farms. We hope that the conference will galvanize our collective efforts to create a new food system that fosters better health and more closely-knit communities.